View Full Version : Comedy open day to learn Spanish

05-11-2012, 15:14
Hi everybody,

I want to organise a day (say 10 am-6 pm) to get together with other expats (who want to make new friends, socialise, and learn Spanish) and locals (who want to socialise and practise some English) near Xmas.
Will show a few videos and some open mic comedy interspersed in between.
We should be resourceful through this crisis and organise non-profit events for families, have fun, socialise, and stay resilient and happy.
I will approach cultural centres (or churches) to get a free venue, and probably ask people to bring some home cooked food to share like good old days.
If you have any DVDs, funny stories to tell, can perform a bit of comedy, or fun music PM me here and once I have enough stuff to fill a full day will then look for a venue.
American comedies like Bill Cosby, friends, Two men and half are equally welcome. This is because the British stand up comedian humour can sometimes be too subtle and difficult to understand for non-English speakers.
Have a wonderful week.

03-12-2012, 15:58
hi.. my husband loves mock the week, qi, have i got news for you.......... all on dave.......... it drives me mental but i have often asked him if he would like a stint at being a comic......... he says yes........... we maybe this will be the proof in the pudding.............:neener: