View Full Version : How do the Tenerife lottery tickets work?

20-06-2011, 18:32
How does the lottery tickets work, ive seen so many people selling these tickets but have never found out how you check if you have a winner and there are so many different cards and lotteries you can have a go at,its looks a bit complicated.......well to me anyway

20-06-2011, 19:06
Google is your friend! I put a few on but never win! Check the results online... Then double check at the place you buy them lol

20-06-2011, 19:06
The main ones are ONCE, you can check the numbers at www.once.es

You win by matching the end numbers, ie, match the last one win a small amount, match the last two bit more, match the last three even more and so on until you match the whole number.

There is also a series number if you match that as well you win the big jackpot.

20-06-2011, 19:09
Dont foret the lottery tickets here are a lot sold by disabled peaple and they get some money tru selling tickets .

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20-06-2011, 21:36
Thanks guys, i may take the plunge and have a go when i see the sellers again,must admit i did not know they got money on what they sell

Ecky Thump
01-04-2015, 13:54
It's just been on the news that a couple from Scunthorpe have won the Euro Million Lottery for the Second time!

I can't even win the price of a ticket.:D

01-04-2015, 15:59
Seems you have more chance being killed crossing the road wile watching out than winning the Euromillions . In Tenerife its probably 10 fold the chance in being hit by a car . Unluckely there wont be the same ods for playing the lottery here [emoji22] .