View Full Version : Relocation Should we stay or should we go?

08-11-2012, 19:49
Hi everyone

Just a quick message to update you on our decison on my recent post of moving back out to Tenerife or staying in UK. We read all your kind comments and have decided FOR NOW!! to stay in UK. We felt in our hearts that this was the right decison for the moment, and we will may re-think it again next year. My husband and I are both in jobs and although we are in a rat race, with very little left each month, at least we still have money coming in. We will however be back again on holiday next year.

Thanks again to everyone who replied. Hope it works out for all of you out there and enjoy the sunshine

08-11-2012, 19:51
Dont forget the Lessons.......:D:D

08-11-2012, 20:54
Good decision :)