View Full Version : Photography Michael Buble in London

09-11-2012, 11:38
Michael Buble is doing concerts in London next summer with tickets going on sale this week.

Now I've spent at least 5 hours online trying for tickets, o2 priority/live nation/ ticketmaster all official sites and yes, finally got tickets, not fantastic seats I might add but yes, they are tickets and I only had to pay face value for them so well pleased.:spin:

All shows are now sold out but vast numbers of tickets are appearing on sale on e bay and such at vastly inflated prices some asking 600--to thousands for premium tickets. Now the top price ticket at face value was less than 90.

I find it really annoying to say the least that people are allowed to buy these tickets just to sell at a profit.They are stopping real fans getting tickets without paying a fortune and none of this extra cash goes to the artist/promoter/theatre or even the tax man!:(

I know this practice is widespread in all ticket sales whether it be a concert or sports event, but am I alone in thinking its morally and socially wrong?