View Full Version : Other Is there Echolink or D-Star access for radio enthusiasts in Tenerife?

10-11-2012, 12:54
Are there any radio amateurs that can advise if there is currently any D-Star or Echolink access in Tenerife South. EA8RCT on Gran Canaria is listed but never shows any activity in D-Star users log.

73 de Dave

11-12-2012, 11:44
For the benefit of any other visiting hams, I have just returned from another enjoyable stay down south and can report that there was no trace of the D-Star repeater on Gran Canaria even from high vantage points with an open sea path to GC.
Accessible analogue repeaters are:
La Gomera 145.725 Morse ident and also recording of the La Gomera whistling (Pre dates morse code:lol:)
El Hiero 145.700 (Can drop out occasionaly due to limited power supply.)
La Palma 145.650

Echolink repeater in Adeje area on 433.000 -7.6 split 79.7 tone
Local's simplex channel 144.575

My thanks to Miguel EA8AJC for help finding some of these.

There is another Echolink repeater with a link to D-Star located between Candelaria and Santa Cruz but I have no experience with it