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13-11-2012, 20:27
Received this joke today from a friend and laughed so much before realising maybe it is not false after all.
Thought it should be shared for others to read.:wink2::wink2:

Press Release from Ryanair

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has offered to step in to replace UK Consulates such as those in the Canaries under threat of closure due to cutbacks by the FCO. According to reports, O’Leary is prepared to open Low-Cost Consulates in various parts of Spain as long as the local authorities are prepared to offer ‘appropriate financial incentives’ and if the FCO exempts him from paying fees in respect of emergency passports and other documents issued to Britons in Spain. ‘We can do it much more cheaply than the British government, with passports for as little as 12.99, excluding the cost of the paper on which they are printed, which will be A4, just like our popular on-line boarding cards. Passports will cost considerably more at peak times due to the increased demand, however. We will arrange all interviews concerning consular business by Skype to save customers the inconvenience of travelling to the consulates. We are currently designing a Ryanair laptop, which will be the only size and format allowed for the interviews, for sale to customers. Customers queuing at the consulates will be able to purchase freshly-made food and a wide selection of drinks from trolleys operated by our sales staff’ said O’Leary today.

The Ryanair boss warned that the failure by a region to pay the incentives would result in the ‘immediate closure of the consulate’, which would be moved elsewhere.


13-11-2012, 22:13
hahahaha........ hey, if they provide food and drinks, they'd hopefully put TOILETS in the consulate too (for those that have never been to the British Consulate here, they have no toilets for public use!!!), and I wouldn't even mind paying a EURO to use it :crylaughing: