View Full Version : Other Have the bus prices changed much in the last 2 years?

20-11-2012, 16:46
Last time i went on a bus in PDLA it was 2yrs ago we bought like an all day saver went up to Los Gigantes then worked our way back to PDLA jumping off at different places .Really enjoyed it and the price wasnt bad either ..So been as we are in a hotel in Dec smack across the road from the Station thought we might do some more exploring on the bus ..
Have the prices changed much in 2 yrs and wanted to go up north maybe Puerto de la cruz and other bits anyone know roughly what it would cost now ...Think id prefer to hire a bike but the pillion says shes not sure :wow:

20-11-2012, 18:24
Using a Bono ticket last year I seem to remember they were charging 1.35 for a short journey, Los Cristianos to San Eugenio. The Titsa web site may give you current journey prices.

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Just had a look, if you click on information on the left hand panel then click tarifas, you can select linea (bus route) select origen (starting point) then destino (destination) It should give you 3 prices. 1 for cash 1 for using bono. and 1 I think for students/schoolchildren

20-11-2012, 19:23
Cheers Bob thanks for that