View Full Version : Cars & Transport I've found a cheap car part shop in San Isidro

30-11-2012, 19:03
Just to let you all know if you are interest that is, found a very cheap car parts shop in san isidro Wheel trim 13.50 euros a set same ones in a car shop in guaza 25 euros,needed a clutch for my cordoba price was from 200 euros to 150 euros i got it from 72 euros.I was told to just be the man in the middle and make some crash but i like to think i am honest and would not rip anyone off so if you want this number PM me, he know's not a lot of English but i think if you Google it first you will be ok


01-12-2012, 00:58
ok sounds good, thanks for the info. nice to get some sound advice..........:respect: