View Full Version : Fiestas Carros de San Andres in Chio, Tenerife - End of November

01-12-2012, 20:31
It started last night and the last night is Sunday. Get yourself to Chio to see the renowned Carros fiesta for San Andres. Here's a few videos of years gone by so you can see what it's all about...


And here are more videos on you tube :)


02-12-2012, 08:49
This is a lot of fun to watch. I have never actually taken part although my other half has

11-11-2013, 13:05
Bumpity bump! This will happen again at the end of this month if anyone's interested in coming up and either spectating or taking part. If you do, post on this thread and we can meet up :)

21-11-2014, 12:38
Once again the Carros will be flying down the hill... Not this weekend, but the one after (28th, 29th & 30th) and if my... Ahem! I mean my DAUGHTER'S carro doesn't win a prize this year, then I'll be... She'll be devastated, as I've... Sorry, we've been working on it for 2 months!

I can post photos on here, as I know no one from my village will see... But it's a closely guarded secret. ;)