View Full Version : Cars & Transport How long after your ITV expires do you have to renew it?

Northern Monkey
03-12-2012, 14:19
Does anyone know how many days you have after the last ITV inspection has expired before you have to go for the new one. I am in the UK when mine expires but will be back just after. Can I do it then or do I need to do it before I go to England?

03-12-2012, 17:10
Technically you are not allowed any grace on this but if you are not here but have an ITV booked and go directly to the ITv station g ie not use the car for shopping etc before testing) you would more than likely be okay provided you have the iTV booking confirmation with you. If you we're stopped it would really depend on the police man who stopped you , some may let you go another may fine you .
It would be better to get it done in advance than risk being without IMHO .

Northern Monkey
03-12-2012, 17:36
Thanks for your help. I think its borderline whether i will be back. I'll book it in and keep confirmation with me. Thanks for the help