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21-06-2011, 20:06
Location: San Miguel de Abona Municipality.

Guardia Civil collect 2 abandoned puppies "The Victims" ( Plan going well at this point.. ) On way to official refuge ( still going unbelievably well..) Call of a domestic disturbance ( NOT so well now...thwarted in their rescue mission ) IRONIC TWIST... Live Arico supporter in his garden ( here comes the Good Guy )...Guardia screech to a halt .............

Continues after an sponsors break......

Guardia dump the "Victims" with Good Guy AS ( and here comes the comedy part...) they canīt deal with the "victims" and the disturbance. NOW for the car chase.....Guardia screech off with tyres aburning....a hush falls over San Miguel...leaving the victims with a shocked Good Guy.

And hereīs the episode cliffhanger: The victims are STILL with an even more shocked, perturbed and disturbed ( emotions spilling over here ) ...Good Guy.

Tune in next week for episode 178...WILL the Guardia return...WILL Good Guy have to take to another refuge...WILL Good Guy have to try and rehome the victims himself ) WHO shot J R ?????

Starring Juan and Jose as "THE GUARDIA"
Rob as " Good GUY "
Bo and Jo as "THE VICTIMS"
Written, Produced and Directed by "THE AUTHORITIES"

You have gotta laugh at this one ...No ?????:lol::lol::lol:

21-06-2011, 20:10
lol :lol: its all you can do

21-06-2011, 22:36
I couldnt believe it when I took the call. I actually thought it was a wind up. Good guy maybe has a home for one of the victims, no prizes for guessing where the other one, and possibly both will end up. Youre right though, you couldnt make it up....

21-06-2011, 22:38
After my dealings with the port royale dogs fiasco - why am i sadly not surprised !!!!!!!!!!!

21-06-2011, 22:41
I would help but I have already adopted just about what I can cope with x

21-06-2011, 23:19
whts the sequel ' return of the guardia'....no to worry the FORCE IS WITH US xx