View Full Version : Cars & Transport Are there any English driving schools in South Tenerife

12-01-2012, 14:48

My friend has her provisional driving license uk , and she would like to start driving lessons in the south , las americas area if possible with someone english speaking , can you recommend anyone


12-01-2012, 14:53
there is a driving school opposite the aqua park in torviscas, apparantley they speak english.

12-01-2012, 17:47
cant use a uk prov license anywhere but the uk.only full licences are valid in europe .and i dont know if you need a NIE for lessons.i know you cant buy a car without an NIE..the written test has to be taken first,and that is only in spanish...

You can practice and take your theory in English but first you need to pay Traffico approx 250 euros before they will even allow you to start studying in English. When you take your theory in Santa Cruz it will be given in English if you have practiced in English, but beware the translation is not brilliant...also even if you do find an instructor that speaks some English your Practical Test in Santa Cruz will be in Spanish regardless if you have learnt in English...there are no exceptions

18-01-2012, 22:46
I took the written test in English in Santa Cruz at Traffico. The driving school I used was able to get me the manual and practice tests in English. I used Atogo Driving School in Las Galletas. Instructor only spoke Spanish, but I learned the commands and you need to know the commands in Spanish when you take the driving test, because the examiner speaks Spanish. I have an NIE, but I don't know if it was required.

22-09-2012, 03:37
hi every one i have also heard that a uk provisional is no good in spain but correct me if im wrong a full uk licence is valid for two years and after the two years you have to be in possesion of a spanish licence .so basically they are giving you two years grace to get a spanish licence.so if anyone on this forum is thinking of going to spain to live and lives in or near to south wales uk please get in touch with me as through my driving instructor contact in fuengirola i am also in possesion of a spanish highway code (the english version)and the brian dellar motoring in spain manual which i would be more than happy to let you read and take notes to prepare yoursel.you can contact me on this forum or pm me for my email .

14-12-2012, 19:54
anyone know any english driving schools in the south and if they have websites

15-12-2012, 02:12
how much spanish do you need to know

15-12-2012, 10:28
Regarding: How much Spanish do you need to know?

As I have been through this whole procedure, I can tell you that for the practical lessons in the driving school car with your driving instructor, as well as the final road test with the examiner you need to know and be able to follow everything the instructor is telling you to do while you're driving, as well as the obvious parts of the car (brake, clutch, steering wheel etc.). You'll be asked to go to the busy areas of Santa Cruz and handle the traffic lights and signs, go on a busy highway and merge successfully, stop or park on hill (using no handbrake to stop you rolling back) etc. He tells you where to go and what to do so you have to be able to understand him. Know the difference between a U-turn and a change of lane or direction.

Tenerife Girl
01-02-2013, 19:19
I know it's been mentioned before but all the previous posts are really old and I was wondering if there is any up to date info about driving lessons/tests in English out here?

Where can you get English driving lessons? Who does them etc??!!


02-02-2013, 02:02
I know it's been mentioned before...Then why did you start a new thread? The posts may be old, but if you post in the same thread any replies will update it, and it will mean that future users of the forum will be able to find information more easily. I have merged your thread with an existing one on the same subject. I'm sure you'll get some good replies soon :)