View Full Version : Cars & Transport Where can we get an airport transfer for 14 people in Tenerife?

03-01-2013, 21:33
does any1 on forum do airport transfers for 14 people ? sum 1 said there was an english lady at airport who were very cheap ? any info on this ?

03-01-2013, 23:01
Could try the bus service that might be a option.

04-01-2013, 09:15
You haven't said if you want a transfer from the north or south airports, or what resort you are staying in :)

andy pandy
04-01-2013, 20:40
Hi, My daughter will be looking for a transfer from the south airport in July to Calleo Salvaje for 11. Can anyone give us a name of a company that would either hire a mini bus or pick them up. There are several children in the 11. Thanks

04-01-2013, 21:04
sorry its tfs to pdla & i dont think getting the bus is an option for 14 people with luggage wanting a good start to a birthday holliday ?????

04-01-2013, 21:55
Try Resort Hoppa they have an agent at TFS!

*google is your friend*

04-01-2013, 22:08
when we went in october there were 6 of us and as you come out of the airport there is a taxi manager (for want of a better description) and if you tell him how many your party is he will organize as many small minibuses as you will need to take you all to your destination, failing that give blueskytransfers a call we have used them in the past and they are very reliable

04-01-2013, 22:10
av got a quote of resorthoppa very reasonable but just thort might av been putting sum buisness to a forum member ? (it being legal of course )

10-01-2013, 19:28
Have posted similar details on another thread