View Full Version : Learn Spanish by speaking with native speakers

10-01-2013, 18:16
Hi i was advised to put on my own Thread as i mistakenly wrote on another ones thread which was noted about a great site on the Web.. languageexchange.com where you speak with Native Spanish speakers as text or email or you an meet them if you like.. I already speak to someone who lives on Tenerife and we speak via email... i also have a lady who is spanish but has just moved to England and needs help to integrate with the people etc.. You have the opportunity to become a gold member at a small cost but some gold members can contact you. I have paid nothing and i am enjoying conversing using obviously goggle translate and my spanish dictionary.. it is good fun... so i am so sorry if i have stepped on anyones toes, it was not intentional and i know everyone is out to make a buck or two..... :chillpill: