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20-01-2013, 13:27
A greeting to all forum

Hi I'm an Italian boy and I'm 24.
A friend of mine have worked 1 month (november to december) there in Tenerife. He's about to move permanently in June since he has found a full time job and i'm considering to move too.
I'm from south Italy, Campania - Salerno near Naples... I don't speak Spanish but I quite understand it since our language is very similar and my slang has some words in common.
What kind of problems I could have on the first arrival in Tenerife?

Sorry for my bad English, I understand it and translate it very well but I don't have much familiarity in writing it.

20-01-2013, 14:07
:welcome:to the forum ZT

20-01-2013, 19:13
You'll have the same problems as most people going to Tenerife - finding work and having enough money to live.

So before you come find the cost of somewhere to live and make sure you have enough of your own money to live on. Also before you arrive ask about work - it's likely to be at a restaurant, or bar, so be prepared.

20-01-2013, 20:10
How about Computer sector? I'm a computer technician with a high-school diploma in IT. I know maybe it's useless but I have experience. Not in programming just repearing and stuff like this.
I have experience as waiter too, so I'm prepared.