View Full Version : Relocation What are the pros and cons of living in Parque de la Reina?

zumba queen
30-01-2013, 09:22
We are considering moving to Parque de la reina,could anyone give any pro's or disadvantages of the area.Thanks.

30-01-2013, 10:13
One of the Pros

The Spanish/Canarian population get on really well with the Brits

In that aspect it's a good little village.

30-01-2013, 10:41
There's also four stores that between them sell everything from bread and veg to plastic plates, there's a newspaper shop, three hairdressers and about six bars and a park (went it opens)

30-01-2013, 12:17
Hows the internet speed out there? And do you need heating in winter at night?

30-01-2013, 14:15
LOL put a pair of socks on seanocelt hehehehe ........ do they still call it "little Liverpool" up there?

zumba queen
31-01-2013, 09:48
Thanks for all the useful info :)

31-01-2013, 19:33
Internet speeds pretty good, personally speaking we've never needed heating in the six years we've been here.

01-02-2013, 02:42
Best place I've ever lived in Tenerife in the 19 years I've been here.

We lived there for 5 years

I moved cos I bought' what I thought was a good deal, to Las Chafiras....Wish I hadn't..

01-02-2013, 08:09
Its friendly and has a nice community,Apart from the bars/restaurants there's also a good school, cultural center, church and garden center a few minutes walk away. Its also just off the TF1 which makes access to anywhere pretty straightforward.

01-02-2013, 08:13
slodgedad dunna live there anymore...................................."PRO"