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Hey Jude
03-02-2013, 14:04
We have had a letter from Ayunatmiento in Santiago del Teide telling us to confirm our residence in this Municipality.
We have 14 days time to do this taking with us a residence permit or NIE plus passport. Has anybody else been sent this?
It must have something to do with Europ. Citizens but I donīt know exactly.

Whatīs going on?

03-02-2013, 16:19
It's probably more to do with ensuring you are on the voting register - given the way the local mayor has behaving recently see news in the sun dot com !

03-02-2013, 16:23
A lot of people have had them and not just in Stgo de Teie - if you are on or near the coast go to the Town Hall office at Playa Arena and speak to Janet take your passport and green residence certificate (if you have it) . If it's easier you can go to the actual Town hall - the registrations office on the ground floor.

Its a requirement to update your status on the Padron at least every 5 years

Hey Jude
03-02-2013, 17:12
Thanks Goldenmaniac, glad we can rely on you for a quick and exact reply (even on a Sunday)!