View Full Version : Other Does anyone have information about the new gym in Adeje?

jack and gill
04-02-2013, 19:00
Does anyone know about the new gym in Adeje l would like to join but I am not sure if anyone speaks English. It look,s really good with all the windows to look out on the sea while you exercise

04-02-2013, 19:48
Website here but seems to be in Spanish only but I would expect someone to speak English.

Also T3training in La Caleta is quite impressive


04-02-2013, 19:52
The friendly Reception Staff speak excellent English, and are very helpful.

There is a reduced price for Pensioners who can use the facilities until 3pm daily.

The Changing Rooms and Toilets are superb, and there is a cafe with drinks and snacks.

All in all, an excellent facility.

04-02-2013, 22:44
Great gym, although maybe not the cheapest? It's 47 something a month incl. IGIC for people living in the Adeje municipality (a bit more for people from other areas) but I would say it's well worth the money. You get access to the gym, the swimming pool and all the classes (except one or two which everybody has to pay for, like the Sevillanas). The trainers in the gym are very helpful and will put together a training session for your needs and are there for any questions or doubts you have. The changing rooms/showers have a steam bath. I'd tried another gym before that and am not surprised they have now shut down... and they charged the same as this one!

I do think most of the staff speak English - or at least one of them will! There are lots of foreigners of all nationalities who are members!

19-07-2013, 14:37
When you look at the website (im using Google Chrome) Google asks you if you would like to translate the page, and you can then read all the info in english. x

19-07-2013, 16:32
I completely agree with all the comments about the Gym at El Galeon.
I have been a member since December of last year and the facilities are excellent and yes the view is tremendous.

It is an added bonus that the membership also includes use of the heated swimming pool especially in the winter months as our community pool is not heated.

jack and gill
19-07-2013, 17:19
Thank for the reply l joined the gym in Adeje in April and l agree it's a great gym and because l am over 60 l pay €19 a month