View Full Version : Other Where can I hire a motorbike near Las Chafiras, south Tenerife?

05-02-2013, 21:29
Im over in March and want to hire a Motorbike for maybe 5 days ...Not scooter type 650cc or above ..Anyone know anywhere that do good deals..Wanted to do it in Dec .but forgot licence..:crazy:....

sorry forgot to say location ..stopping with freinds in Las Chafiras

09-02-2013, 12:54
No help on this one,does anybody know?I would be interested myself.
Perhaps there is a business opportunity here for someone

09-02-2013, 14:29
Topacio rent them,they are opposite Aqua Park in Las Americas.

09-02-2013, 15:53
yes this is just under Malibu park and facing Aqua Park in Las Americas

09-02-2013, 15:55
I wanted to rent a 50cc scooter last year and was told that my insurance for the bike would be 150 for a week, when I said

that this was extremely dear, was then told that there were now none available. So stuck to car rental.

Maybe a tightening economy might have weeded out the cowboys.

Am getting a bit old for this kinda thing but woulda loved to rent a 125cc two strike scrambler and taken

it cross country. There's some impossible terraine everywhere (in the Adeje Town area), but also some

do-able. Probs not allowed anyway.:(:hello:

09-02-2013, 17:40
Thanks for replys ..i would be wanting the insurance included in hire price

09-02-2013, 20:42
They were including it until I complained, and wanted a breakdown.

10-02-2013, 14:46
Do any of these motorcycle rental companies hire out large 650cc bikes

Davie Thistle
10-02-2013, 14:51
Do any of these motorcycle rental companies hire out large 650cc bikes

You Will get a bigger machine, but you will have to take out
a second mortgage to hire one!!
All I did was :cry:!!!

17-08-2013, 22:37
Try TMCrent and their website http://www.motorcyclehire-tenerife.com

I got a motorcycle from them a few weeks back, the Kawasaki Versys 650, a lovely bike for the twisty roads of Tenerife.

30-08-2016, 20:46
Mauricio has started a new Custom Motorbikes Rental. If you are a Moto Guzzi fan this may be interesting. Check it out http://mbmtenerife.com/en/

There will be new bikes coming in soon too.

15-10-2016, 16:52
HI I have seen some bikes for rent in Costa Adaje opposit to playaolid hotel not sure on prices but had few decent bikes