View Full Version : Do you have to pay to get a social number in Tenerife?

Ashley Jones
06-02-2013, 13:58
do you have to pay to get a social number in los cristianos and the hacienda ?

06-02-2013, 16:19
If you mean a number for affiliation to the social security system in Spain - then that has nothing to do with the Hacienda.
You would apply for that in the Tesoria de la Seguridad Social in Los Cristianos and the transaction is free - however since the end of last year you will not be granted such a number unless you can prove a job offer in writing (This must be in Spanish show yours and your employers NIF, CIF or NIE numbers and their Social Security reference number as an employer, it must detail the type and location of the job and the expected start date and be signed and stamped by the employer) or alternatively if a new autonomo take your self employment paperwork that you would apply for at the Hacienda.