View Full Version : Paperwork When is the Hacienda tax office open in Las Americas?

07-02-2013, 18:43
Have been asked by my employer to register at tax office, he was told this by his lawyer, that the staff had to be registered. Does anyone know when the office next to the green hospital is open ?

07-02-2013, 18:56
I think you will find it has closed down - it has to be Santa Cruz now.....

07-02-2013, 21:50
I think the tax office is still open it was the one for Canarian tax that shut

08-02-2013, 14:31
I suspect he means that you have to make your NIE "Live" if you have never done so before - in which case that is a modelo 30 at the Agencia Tributaria (Hacienda) Opposite the Green Hospital open from 8.30 am Mon to Fri Shut afternoons. Take your residencia certificate and passport and a copy of each - the security lady will give you a form which you can fill out and then get a ticket to present it at "Censos"

09-02-2013, 13:39
The office is still open, we went yesterday at 12.30, the security lady helped us get a ticket from the machine, we then looked on the monitor which tells you when it is your turn and what desk to go to. When it was my turn I went to the desk told them what I was looking for she asked for NIE no. then printed off the etiquetas.
Once at the desk the whole process took seconds,and she never asked to see my passport.I do not speak a lot of Spanish but that was not a problem. I was surprised that it was so easy, as some other paper work you need to live here, is very hard to get without an interpreter.

24-01-2017, 07:34
I need to go to this office this week. Can anyone give me a clear description of where it is, please, as I am not very familiar with Las Americas. I keep seeing reference to Hospiten Sur/the Green hospital but I don't know where that is either.

24-01-2017, 13:37
PM sent........

28-01-2017, 08:24
Thanks for the directions, Imablue. We found the office easily but although we had filled in the Modelo 030 before we got there, when we were called for our turn the official told us ( in Spanish only) that we needed an appointment and promptly showed us to the door! We tried to call the phone number while we were in the office but as the conversation was only in Spanish, we didn't manage to make an appointment.
We returned back to Playa San Juan on the bus, very frustrated that something that should be very easy clearly isn't. We went back to the 'accountant' office in Playa San Juan and explained our problem. The receptionist spoke to a colleague and told us that she could complete and print a Modelo 030 but that we would need to make an appointment at the Hacienda to complete this matter. We were resigned to needing to find someone who speaks better Spanish to go to the Hacienda, with all the associated costs. Surprisingly, when she printed the Modelo out for us she announced that in fact she had been able to submit it online to the Hacienda and that if we go back in a couple of days, she will hopefully be able to confirm that the registration has been completed! We paid just €10 and have everything crossed that it will be confirmed next week.