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15-02-2013, 16:33
Ive got a one way ticket to Tenerife on 9th April and im so excited im going out there with Playaway Abroad and want to know what to do in terms of health insurance? My plan is to stay in Tenerife for as long as possible, depending on how it all goes when im out there ive got nothing to rush home for. In regards to this im assuming I cant just get normal holiday health insurance? If anyone could help me out it would be very much appreciated, Ive been abroad a million times but this is my first time without my parents and i want to take charge and prepare myself instead of having them do it.

Malteser Monkey
15-02-2013, 16:38
Welcome and best of luck

15-02-2013, 16:57
In the short term you could use your EHIC to show entitlement to treatment at public hospitals. It's worth speaking with a UK provider of holiday insurance to see if you would arrange cover for your initial stay of say two weeks, if you were worried about health. Any UK health insurance you have would not normally be valid outside the UK.

I would suggest contacting a private-health insurance provider in Tenerife - I'm sure someone here will suggest one or two - and cost it out. You need to get a bank account open in Tenerife to pay!

Good luck.

15-02-2013, 17:08
Thank you :):)

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16-02-2013, 00:51

Yes. Speak to them. We have used their services for personal, home and various car insurances. Since both Chris (owner) and Rebecca are British language should not be a problem! It don,t cost anything to speak to them and Chris is a member of this Forum so you could pm (private message) him to start off with.
All the very best.