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17-02-2013, 21:38
Hi all.
Thought i'd ask peoples advice on a number of topics relating to a possible move to Tenerife.
I'm in the process of applying to a teaching post on the island and will be bringing my wife, and 18 month daughter.

We don't plan on selling up in the UK for obvious reasons but feel some local knowledge of places to stay would be useful. We have heard that Palm Mar is nice for a small family, do people agree?

Also when buying a car that is needed to get around safely what price would people expect to pay, i'm not flash but don't want an old banger.

Do you need a place with Air conditioning or would that be a waste.

Can you become a golf member at the local courses or is it too expensive for a teachers salary?

If I brought my own TV would that work?

some silly questions but thought i'd better start blurting them out now otherwise I might forget and think of more.

Hope to hear people's thoughts.


18-02-2013, 14:03
If you get everything else sorted, for a car contact Mark, owner of Ashro Autos, who is a member on here. .

18-02-2013, 14:24
IS the school in the north or the south of the island because there is quite a big difference in living conditions between the two.(Also a big difference in schools!!!)

18-02-2013, 22:39
School is in the south and thanks for the car contact. Obvious to say that I won't be moving anywhere without employment. I'd never be thst reckless when my family is concerned however I need to start thinking about all the logistics of moving to the island in order to ascertain whether it is a realistic and financially feasible and not just a pipe dream.
Any other advice or things I should consider would be great.

18-02-2013, 23:56
Read this thread carefully