View Full Version : Employment Looking for work as a geomembrane lining/pool lining specialist

01-03-2013, 21:57
Can any one help, I am looking to move out to tenerife with my family but need to secure employment first. i will rent property first off then will look to buy and sell up in england when i know all is well. My background is i have over 10 years experience working on overhead power cables [pylons and sub stations] all though work dried up over here that way i would be prepaired to go back into this work if i could find out any contacts. for the past 5 years i have been working as a geomembrane lining technician and gas membraning technician. My job involves relining reservoirs dams, ponds, swimming pools, attenuation tanks, concrete waterproofing and gas containment and proofing. for the experience i have does anyone know of any companys within tenerife i could look for employment with any leads would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance , Dave

01-03-2013, 22:05
Unless you speak fluent spanish you will find it very hard to find work in either of these fields

01-03-2013, 22:40
Thanks for the reply, i dont speak fluent but self taught so can speak a few sentences lol i would be prepaired to go to night school if this helped my chances. i am not looking at jumping on the next plane out there as i can holiday there every year but when i started coming to the ireland 15 years ago i fell in love with it and always thought this is where i would like to move.. our aspirations is to run a bar/restaurant come the age of 45 but thought if i could get out there before hand and get a job to support us comfortably before hand it would work in my advantage. My job at home now is creating lots of lay off days so thought i would test the water on my pipe dream so to speak.

01-03-2013, 23:12
Dont worry about coming out to Tenerife to work,going by your CV you will do ok.Here in the North of Scotland most of the good jobs in the oil industry on land and offshore are being taken over by cheap labour from Eastern Europe skinny persons, who cannot speak English, and eat very little so your knowledge of Spanish at the moment is not a problem.If you are good at what you say,go for it.The same thing is happening in the Canaries.