View Full Version : How do I make IBI and Rubbish tax payments in Tenerife?

24-03-2013, 17:45

I am new resident in Tenerife and I understand that my first payment of the above taxes has to be made in person to the town hall and that these are due around May this year

I would be grateful if any member could advise if I have to make the payment in the bank first and then go to the town hall with the relevant documents or if I am able to make this first payment at the town hall and what documents I am required to take with me.

Any other hints or tips would be useful

Many thanks


24-03-2013, 18:11
For IBI you have to go to Consorcio ( upstairs in the Cultural centre Los Cris).You will need to take escritura , copy of the last payment and your documentation( copies too if I correct which is the norm here) .You can then pay there and complete a form to change ownership and set up direct debit if you so wish for future payments.The voluntary period for this normally runs from mid May to end July.Here is a link to the Arona site for this years actual dates http://www.arona.org/portal/fdes_d4_v1.jsp?codMenu=103&codMenuPN=1457&codMenuSN=882&codResi=1&language=es, this also shows when basura is due.
If you are in Adeje heres the link to their dates http://www.adeje.es/esp/vercontenido.asp?id=921

08-06-2013, 09:55
anyone had their IBI taken from their Bank account yet ?

On the mainland we used to pay in 2 payments, 50% of the cost for each payment, in Aug and Oct but this year they have brought the payments forward to April and June to get the money earlier !

08-06-2013, 11:07
Usually taken in one payment and on looking at my bank details it's usually paid on 5th July which I think is the last day for voluntary payment.

I went with a friend couple of weeks ago to pay hers at the Cultural centre Los Cristianos and she said there was quite an increase this year . Anybody know if this is correct?

08-06-2013, 11:31
Mine is payable in one payment from May 5 to 22 July and is exactly the same amount as last year. I prefer to pay at the ATM so I can choose which date is best for me.

08-06-2013, 11:45
luckily on the mainland our rate has been the same for a couple of years and the first payment in April was the same as last years first payment.

Will wait, with interest, to see what the Tenerife IBI payment is in the coming few weeks and hope like Canarybird there is no change since last year !

08-06-2013, 12:10
on 3 properties, IBI stayed the same this year, as did the last 3 years

28-04-2015, 15:44
My annual IBI payment is automatically taken every July by direct debit from my Bank account. I now want to change the bank account the payment is taken from but will not be back in Tenerife until June to arrange this.

Does anyone know if there is a deadline for making this type of change to ensure it comes into effect for this years payment. Has anybody done this in the past ?

I ask as there is a period of time every year for these payments to be make manually and automatically without incurring a penalty, I think this year the time is 6 May until 20 July.

so the question I was asking myself was 'does the change need to be made before 6 May' even though the payment wont be taken until July.

Thanks for any feedback

28-04-2015, 21:06
You can make direct debit but need to go the cultural centre to set up the payment s

28-04-2015, 21:52
You can make direct debit but need to go the cultural centre to set up the payment s

Thanks Amanda, I already have a direct debit setup and they take the money every year without a problem I just want to change the bank account they take the money from !

01-05-2015, 07:48
I wouldn't think so I know in adeje there isn't although they take our money earlier

18-01-2016, 20:37
Does anyone know if there any way to pay the IBI & rubbish payments online or over the phone? We don't live in Tenerife but need to set up these payments for the first time.