View Full Version : Paperwork I need some advice about completing my Modelo 030.

27-03-2013, 17:52
Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if someone could help me with the Modelo 030 form. I am trying to submit it online to change some of my details at Agencia Tributaria (https://www.agenciatributaria.gob.es/AEAT.sede/en_gb/tramitacion/G321.shtml), and I am just not sure how to fill it out for my particular situation. I am a non-resident for tax purposes in Spain, and have a holiday apartment here in Tenerife for which I pay non-resident tax. The things I am not sure about:

1. In "[201/202] Residente" do I need to select "NO residente en Espana" as I am a non-resident for tax purposes here, or will this take me out of the tax system in Spain completely?

2. Should I put my Spanish address in "4. Consignación de domicilio fiscal en España"
should I put my non-Spanish address in "5. Consignación de domicilio en el extranjero"
should I put both addresses?

If anyone has experience with this form and could answer my questions it would be greatly appreciated. I've tried to contact some advisors and obtain a paid consultation, but they are just non-responsive - this form is probably just too small of a fish to fry for them..


28-03-2013, 23:03
Just an update (it looks like I am talking to myself a bit here :) ):

it looks like it is not possible to specify both Spanish address in section 4 and non-Spanish address in section 5 - the online form gives an error that only one address could be specified. So I guess I'll specify my non-Spanish address and make it my "Domicilio fiscal"..

28-03-2013, 23:41
You said you've tried getting paid consultations about this, but have you tried contacting Goldenmaniac? Filling in these forms are pretty unique to each person and I would be surprised if you had contacted Goldenmaniac and not got a reply... she knows her stuff :)

I fill in this form every year, but for my specific purposes, so I'd be unsure of your needs :)

29-03-2013, 00:09
Hi KirstyJay, thank you for your reply. I actually did contact Goldenmaniac - I sent her 2 emails, but never got a reply. Was a bit surprised by this myself as she seems to be recommended by a lot of people from this forum for that type of work, and I find her website great, too, but what can you do.. :)

I have now managed to submit Modelo 030 online by marking myself as non-resident and by specifying my non-Spanish address as my "Domicilio fiscal", and by putting my Spanish address as a correspondence address for notifications. I think it matches my situation the best, so for a moment I am happy :)

29-03-2013, 18:00
Hi Alex don' appear to have received any un-dealt with emails although it's possible you went into my spam I suppose, or maybe Alex isn't your email name? anyway In the situation you described ;
You are non-resident, your fiscal address is the UK address your address for notifications is your Spanish address, but do you have a digital certificate? Anyone who doesn't and there are a lot of them especially non-residents, would need the manual print off and submit version which is here http://www.agenciatributaria.es/static_files/AEAT/Contenidos_Comunes/La_Agencia_Tributaria/Modelos_y_formularios/Declaraciones/Modelos_01_al_99/mod030_es_es.pdf

29-03-2013, 18:57
Hi Goldenmaniac, thanks a lot for the detailed reply. I sent my emails to the email address I found on your website, and yep, it is quite possible they went into the Spam folder since you didn't receive it. It doesn't matter now since you answered my questions perfectly. I do have digital certificates (glad I sorted them out during my last visit to Tenerife), so I was able to submit the form electronically. Thanks again.

06-04-2013, 18:55
Here is an update if anyone is interested: I've filled out the electronic Modelo 030 the way Goldenmaniac described and submitted it using my digital cert, and voila! - a few days later I can see my correct addresses (Domicilio Fiscal and Domicilio de Notificación) on the Agencia Tributaria website.

There is also an option to change these addresses with an immediate effect which is very handy. Also, there is a new option called "Impuesto sobre la Renta de No Residentes" which I guess makes sense since I indicated that I am a non-resident. However, when I click on it, it brings a new screen where it asks me to make some selection:

C) Impuesto sobre la Renta de no Residentes correspondiente a establecimientos permanentes o a entidades en atribución de rentas constituidas en el extranjero con presencia en territorio español

Modalidad de establecimiento permanente:
- Régimen general
- Actividades art. 18.3 texto refundido Ley IRNR
- Actividades art. 18.4 texto refundido Ley IRNR
- Opción por el régimen general, en los términos del artículo 18.4 del texto refundido Ley IRNR
- Obligación de presentar declaración por el IRNR, correspondiente a establecimientos permanentes o a entidades en atribución de rentas constituidas en el extranjero con presencia en territorio español
- Opción por el sistema de cálculo previsto en el artículo 45.3 del texto refundido Ley IS para la realización de los pagos fraccionados a cuenta del IRNR, correspondiente a establecimientos permanentes o a entidades en atribución de rentas constituidas en el extranjero con presencia en territorio español

What is that I wonder..?? :) Looks like they are asking me to select the mode of my permanent establishment, but how am I supposed to know what all these option mean?? :)