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31-03-2013, 14:20
Coming out 2nd week in May to look for work , accomodation ,hard working female with a zest for life and a positive outlook...going to be in las americas, can anybody give me any contacts of people to maybe go and see regarding jobs ...a ton of experience , bars ,bakerys,clubs,casinos,menswear ....And Happy Easter Y,all ....???:wave:

Kind Regards Louise

31-03-2013, 16:51
well dantemoo sorry to be the barer of bad news happy easter by the way, love your enthusiasm which you are going to need and plenty of cash on standby... as things are dire here to.. high unemployment here and it takes forever to get a job unless you already have contacts here or are very entreprenurial and able to start your own business and can speach fluently a couple of languages part from that i hope and wish you well on your start of your new life. :goodluck:

31-03-2013, 17:11
Thanks for the advice , much appreciated and welcomed !! lifes tough anywhere you go , and so is making a new start , but i have the will power (i hope ) Happy Easter to you , i will try while im there to make contacts and keep my fingers crossed

Thanks again Louise

31-03-2013, 17:29
Hi dentemoo,

Blueeyes is spot on with the advice, and I would not want to dampen anyone's dream of a new life.

You are obviously determined to make a new life and are aware of the situation which is not good anywhere in the world at the moment.

I cannot give you any contacts to help you with your search for work but would also advise you to have enough money behind you to keep you going until you can find employment.

Good luck with your move :goodluck:

01-04-2013, 00:38
Why not post threads in the appropriate sections on here to test the water, ie; Jobs wanted, accomodation etc. etc.?