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11-04-2013, 22:10
1) What's this I hear about an incoming post tax? What do I need to be prepared for? I am at a temporary address with no bills to my name.

2) Do you know a good abogado for a simple land deal (not a house)? Any tips? Anything specific to the Canaries I need to know? (plenty of help online regards Spanish property)

3) How do these water communities work for farm water? I think you get a time at a certain point of the day to use rather than how much you use per-sec?

4) I believe I can buy a moped pretty easy using my passport - just make sure it has the IVA for an easier life - but how do I know the tax has been paid and the license plates match the vehicle? Can I ride it for a month on my normal UK fully comp insurance?

5) These residents discounts are a shame for me because I wish to keep my residence in the UK because at the moment I pay less tax there. I guess that's just the way it has to be?

6) If want to work on my car sometimes, install some solar panels on some land next to my plants (because I plan on being in a flat)... will locals hate me for this? Are solar panels ok on a building that only has tools inside? Or do most people just get away with these kind of things and it doesn't matter - as long as you're not building a house you're OK. I'm looking for multi purpose land I can do dirty work on but also grow some plants if I want to too. I have seen places like this around but I've also seen very well tilled soil and I'm not sure how separated land use is. I want to do as much as possible in the area I find.

7) Do I need permission to put up these greenhouse like things that keep the insects off plants

8) If I wanted to how much of a hassle would it be to install a pond for breeding fish on rustic-only land? Is that kind of thing a beaurocratic nightmare?

9) Other than flights to Europe I only see rare flights to Morroco... do you think this will ever change? I work abroad. As an example I will have to fly to Madrid in order to go to South Africa for my next job.

12-04-2013, 00:02
5) I probably could have continued paying tax in the UK instead of here but I decided its better to pay taxes in the place you intend to spend most of your time. ie, I'd rather support the Spanish welfare system than the UK one. Hopefully some of it trickles into places that make Tenerife a nicer place to live. On the other hand I know for sure that it won't be used wisely in the UK :)

9) Flights will go where the tourist come from, so its unlikely to go beyond Europe, but include Russia in that as they are coming here now too. And even if there were other direct flights, it would still probably work out cheaper to fly via Madrid or Gatwick. I think there are also some flights to Cape Verde too.

12-04-2013, 10:46

To be honest if there wasn't a lot in it I'd prefer to pay it here but it would be a big % of my pay for me. For me it's simpler because I'm not working here.

I don't fully know how the Spanish welfare works. I wonder if it's possible to pay just the "National Insurance" part of tax here in addition to the one in the UK. I have BUPA provided from work for free as a benefit but I can't use it here and I can't upgrade it to global coverage. Because this is a welfare state I find it not so clear how to pay for things privately - any recommendations for somewhere I can go, pay on the spot and see a GP if I wish? I like to have this as an option in any country even if it's available for free as well.

Thanks for that. It's good to hear. Exactly the sort of thing I like to hear. I met a Russian yesterday. It's good for the future I think.

18-04-2013, 16:46
I`m having confusion regards buying property.

Iīm here in part because the planning laws in the UK and speculation means that there are effectively 2 types of land - areas you can build houses on and areas you canīt. Land for buildnig is expensive and land that isnīt for building is probably expensive because people are speculating on ways to start building on it!

To get around this problem I want to rent a small flat and buy an area a bit like an allotment where hopefully I can have some plants but also put my car while I am away and somewhere to do some woodwork, that kind of thing. I canīt afford a big house here (to me 100k euros is as mad as 115k pounds - Im not going to nidebt myself forever just so I havewhere to do my rough work) or anywhere with a workshop/shed/garage but I can afford the land.. I want to rent at first and later hopefully buy a small flat when the market is back to normal. Renting is easy so forget about that for the moment. All I need is some land that ISNīT made expensive due to speculating that itīs possible to build a house there.

I have some areas now but the planning and NIE forms are confusing me. Remember, I am buying land not a house.

I asked in a place offering advice for N.I.E forms and they said I only need a temporary NIE at first but will then need a full 5 year NIE? Doesnīt sound right to me. Also the NIE form for both requires a Spanish address...? This is supposed to be for extranjeros? So I now have to find somewhere to put the correspondance address. Is it safe to put an aquaintanceīs address?

Can I go into a bank or estate agent, give them my spec for a flat and ask for assistance with the NIE? I donīt have a printer or camera - how can you add a photo to a PDF form anyway?