View Full Version : Relocation What's the process to get a residence visa as a non-EU national?

offshore diver
02-05-2013, 15:42
hi a friend who is now out on a diving job in abu dhabi who lives here was asked by one of the south african divers what the process would be moving over here being a south african passport holder ,i said i did nt know as im on a uk passport ,i just wonder if anyone knows how the system works ,would he first need to get a work permit or can foreigners buy property here get an nie no and just come and go and be a non resident if he contunued to work over there , i see there are a lot of russians now living here is it the same for all foreign passport holders ,i suggested he go to the spanish embassy in abu dhabi

02-05-2013, 17:24
I think buying as property as a "holiday home" as you suggest would work - I noticed a programme on Canarias TV last month ,about the excessive amount of unsold properties available and their comment was that it was an excellent market for foreign buyers .
Someone like Goldenmaniac on here would be able to advise as thatīs her line of business I would think .

offshore diver
03-05-2013, 13:58
hi yes i saw a programme about that buy a place for euros 250 000-00 and you get residence , anyhow these divers mostly are all nippers in there 20 s , baby divers as we call them so he would nt have that much cash yet to buy a place , i ll suggest he comes for a visit and get that 3 month schengen visa that covers all of europe , see what happens

03-05-2013, 18:43
Tell him to have look here: Basically he would have to get a work permit first, because not EU http://extranjeros.empleo.gob.es/es/InformacionInteres/InformacionProcedimientos/index.html He should be able to get help from the Spanish Embassy where he is and he has to apply for the visa from that end http://www.southafricalogue.com/travel-tips/spanish-embassy-and-consulates-in-south-africa.html
or he could apply for a visa for a temporary stay longer than the schengen 90 visa but with no permission to work see here http://extranjeros.empleo.gob.es/es/InformacionInteres/InformacionProcedimientos/Ciudadanosnocomunitarios/hoja010/index.html this is also dealt with from his home country. So in either instance coming first to see what happens is not a good idea!