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14-05-2013, 14:46
Hi Guys,
What is the perception on the canary islands of US foreign nationals and other foreigners moving in at this time? I'm sure you guys see many young people form all across the globe. Its understandable that in employment there will be a precedent set for locals over foreigners across the board from bartender to doctor....but what are the positives, or incentives for foreigners setting up shop in a Tenerife and employing locals? You know, that new neighbor that just moved in from canada and opened up that candle shop...etc...understanding times are tuff, tuff around the world. Regardless some people are sometimes lucky, adaptable, and hard working and can make it happen anywhere while adding value to their new environment. What are some of the happy endings.

14-05-2013, 19:32
It's very hard for Canadians and Americans to get residence and work papers here. They don't just come over from across the sea and set up shop.
I know of some who have tried and failed. As a Canadian I know from my experience that it's much more difficult for those who aren't EU citizens to live here.
There is a whole different set of regulations for us. If you want to find out more, read about it or ask here: Diana McGlone. (http://www.diana-mcglone.com/)

We don't see many young people from across the globe trying to set up a business here either.
The young foreigners we see are mainly European holidaymakers who come for short vacations and then go back home. And when the situation is glum for EU citizens who come here with the idea of setting up a business, being a non EU citizen just makes it all the harder.

Not trying to be negative, but when I walk around downtown and see vacant shops, one after the other, with SE ALQUILA (for rent) or SE VENDE (for sale) signs posted in empty dirty windows on a street that used to be bustling with commerce, then I see the full impact of the present situation. Businesses are closing down at a rate I've not seen before.

Why don't you come over for a visit and see for yourself. Then you can make your decision after checking out the reality of the current situation.

Canarybird (otherwise an optimistic and positive Canadian)

14-05-2013, 20:27
that sounded very candid :) thank you

15-05-2013, 08:20
why don't you read through some of the local Spanish press here and see the real state of the Islands , unemployment, delay in infrastructure,repossession of homes etc - the reality is in there !