View Full Version : Relocation Should we make ourselves residents straight away when relocating to Tenerife?

15-05-2013, 20:42
Hi everyone. We are moving to Tenerife in June. I find the posts really helpful but sometimes confusing.
We are a retired couple with a good pension and a healthy bank balance, so income wont be a problem. We are initially renting for 6/12 months to test the water. I read all the advice but some say make yourself a resident straight away. Others say don't cut your ties with UK.
My husband is on medication, so we assumed that to access healthcare and medication under the EU reciprocal agreement, we would need to make ourselves residents. I am intending to apply for the SE1 in order to register with a doctor in Tenerife. Now I don't know what to do. Once I fill in the SE1 form we will no longer be entitled to UK healthcare, so will have "cut ties".
What is the right thing to do. Can we get prescription meds and register with a doctor without making ourselves residents straight away, on a temporary basis say for six months, or should we go ahead and plunge straight into the system. Advice would be welcome.

15-05-2013, 21:59
Goldenmaniac on here will be able to advise you professionally on such a big decision -you don't want to get it wrong!
Her web site is here or send a pm


15-05-2013, 23:53
thanks for the link to her website I will pm her.

16-05-2013, 00:34
I totally endorse JJ,s advice. Ms. McGlone is without doubt the best, natural English speaking person, to consult on all matters Legal. You can actually consult her on a professional basis to act on your behalf.
Now, on a general matter what I would suggest you do is to go thru; this Forum bit by bit annoting those points on which you will want advice or clarification. It is quite complicated for Brits to accustom themselves to the authoritarian manner on life here having only converted to a democracy in recent times!