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09-06-2013, 19:49
Hi guys, glad I found this forum it is very helpful and full of useful information.

A little insight to my situation: I lived in Tenerife from February 2004 - October 2006 and absolutely loved every minute of it. I was working as a PR on Veronicas and lived in San Telmo in Los Cristianos for the final year of my stay there. I didn't want to leave but realised I was getting older and couldn't PR forever so myself and my girlfriend moved. I have only managed to go back to Tenerife once since 2006 simply because I couldn't bring myself to go back through fear of not wanting to leave. My last visit was 2 years ago and I was right to fear not wanting to leave. The buzz has not gone away though, they say home is where the heart is, well my heart is most definitely on that sun kissed island waking up everyday with a smile. I have lived in the UK and Ireland since leaving and I can not get settled still 7 years later. The thing is I am older and wiser now from my getting drunk every night hassling strangers in to a bar days. This time we want to come back as "adults" and lead a normal life. We have a 10 year old son so that does complicate things very slightly. But we wouldnt be the first and wont be the last to emigrate with a child. My mind is made up, its going to take a little more to fully convince the Mrs but she is getting there.

Anyway enough about that, reading through comments it seems a well paying job is hard to come by, but I plan on being self employed in the form of a market trader, has anyone got any info on how I can go about doing that? Also is it possible to get an NIE number before we move over or do we have to wait till we are there? And finally has anyone brought their dogs over with them? is that a complicated things to do?

Thanks in advance guys.

10-06-2013, 11:26
I know the feeling about Tenerife ...hate leaving every time Dexter. Sounds like it's the best time for your son to move as he will soon be changing schools anyway.
The answers to all your questions are probably on the TF if you type in some key words and search. There are also some specialist legal beagles who have up-to date info on moving. I am pm-ing you. Best wishes.

10-06-2013, 12:13
Dexter, if you have a job in the UK and a reasonable home then I would advise you act with real caution.

We all love Tenerife, but unless you have a job, somewhere to live and a reasonable income the dream could become a nightmare.

Seems to me that being a self employed market trader would be really difficult with all the competition there is and there seems plenty. I know you can't put a price on living in a lovely climate and having wonderful quality free time but you can't get by on sunshine alone, if you're not confident on making a living then it would be unwise to leave a stable set up.

Schools, NHS, benefits if you need them or fall on hard times just to mention the obvious.
The UK has a lot going for it compared with a lot of other countries.If I were you I'd have just my holidays in Tenerife for now and save the dream for later. Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to read but just being a realist.

10-06-2013, 14:58
Anyway enough about that, reading through comments it seems a well paying job is hard to come by, but I plan on being self employed in the form of a market trader, has anyone got any info on how I can go about doing that? Also is it possible to get an NIE number before we move over or do we have to wait till we are there? And finally has anyone brought their dogs over with them? is that a complicated things to do?

Thanks in advance guys.

Bringing the dogs is easy, lots of info on that on other threads, just use the search.

What sort of market trader are you talking about? Stalls on the street that sell trinkets or stock market? Neither are easy ways of generating a reliable income. The stock market requires alot of capitol to get you started. The key to street trading is what you are selling and the price you can get it for.

10-06-2013, 16:20
it is hard to not let your heart rule your head... but think wisely it is a big move and without any concrete work might be the wrong decision... but then again if you have plenty of savings you can buy yourself a little time... we got residencia and n.i.e when we came to the island.....!!! good luck.... whatever you decide....

10-06-2013, 17:05
From what I know you canīt get residential and NIE sorted before being physically here. It will take you a day to do it so not worries about that.
I wish you good luck!! I moved here in November and I love it.... but we did took over a business that was up and running already because we knew the situation and we knew that we couldnīt afford living here for more than few months without a job....
If you both want this go ahead but be very careful and donīt rush it. It took us almost 3 years to find the right thing at the right price... it may take you a day... a month I donīt know but just take your time... research a lot and get to this forum often... so many thing I learn here and so many people I meet that help me.... if you need anything else post it out and we all be more than happy to help!!

11-06-2013, 10:12
Dexter, if you are going ahead I think too that you should come over first without the family and sort the job etc. It would be a big mistake to uproot them without anything in place and a big worry for you all.

11-06-2013, 10:43
Dexter I wish you nothing but good luck.........BUT......

The grass is always greener...

If you have a decent job in the UK I could only suggest taking more holidays throughout the year. It might cost a fair bit more, but it's nothing to what you could lose if your plan fails.

Your OH isn't 100% certain. You want to work in a field you don't know. You have a youngster who may or may not be happy.

All of the above are of course hurdles that could be overcome but that's a lot of trauma for you all.

Keep your job, zip back & to. In a few years time the odds against you will have hopefully changed.

11-06-2013, 12:55
Good luck, heed all warnings, but if your heart is there who should stop you, better to have tried and all that........................

Yes you can get your documents without travelling but it costs nearly as much as going there, we did this ourselves just to save time and cost nearly Ģ300 7 years ago.

It involves getting some documents officially notarised and then Apostille of these documents. These documents then need to be approved by the foreign office and a specialist La Firm has people (Spanish) on their books to sign and you get your formal NIE.

It sounds much easier to do it when you are in the reef than the route we did, but it is an option if you were under time pressure like we were.

We could have done it for the same price in air fare but then probably would have had accommodation etc so for us, it was a cheaper and quicker option overall.

Not saying this is the only route but it does work as an option. We did buy a house and car using these docs so I am sure all is in order with the service.

If you want the contact details of this service (hope it still is there!) PM me and I will send them to you.



11-06-2013, 22:34
Don't forget that you will need to become self employed and pay your social securityhere or neither you of your family will have any health care.You will need to get a residencia and to do that you will need to have private health insurance until you can get your business established.You will also need to have around 5,000 Euros in the bank for each member of your family.It's not like the good old days on the rock,the Spanish goverment can't afford to look after its own people so they are being very careful about other people coming to live on the island.If your son is not going to a private British school he will need to speak some Spanish (as will you if you are not going to pay translators each time you need to deal with the authorities).The island has changed dramatically since you lived here and it is now really hard to make a living even if you speak good Spanish,have your own home and a job. So,unless you have enough money to keep you for some time,pay your rent,pay your social security etc,please stay where you are.It is so sad to see families come over here without giving thought to their children or how they are going to manage and ending up returning to UK with nothing and often having to borrow money from family back home for their flights.Sorry to be negative but thousands of Brits have left the island because they couldn't manage to survive here and you need to know the down side before you make a decision.Good luck whatever you decide.

tracy hampshire
11-06-2013, 23:26
if you mean market trader as in the rastros over here, reserch what you are going to sell, some of the markets here only allow 2nd hand goods, some you have to be self employed, some not,i know people who are not taking enough money to cover the price of there pitch & petrol, we also do the markets in the north at weekends , stopped doing puerto de la cruz saturdays until winter, we still do santa cruz & do very well selling antiques, 200 euros average, but santa cruz is a free market you don t pay anything, as far as i know friends who do the markets in the south are finding it hard, good luck anyway & i hope you succeed over here x

Andy D
13-06-2013, 10:10
Hi Dexter, I,m pretty much the same as you except I have not yet lived in Tenerife. I have now got everything in place and ready to move over in Jan 2014 with partner, daughter and dog. I just wanted to say if you do decide to follow your dream GOOD LUCK. I always say you will never know unless you try :) if it doesnt work out then at least you will have tried it rather than never trying at all. :goodluck: