View Full Version : Finance Can you get money earned here paid in to a UK bank account?

15-06-2013, 22:32
I know this question might have been asked before but when you start work in tenerife how can you get paid in to a English account or is the a account you can open up in the uk to get money paid in to so that a employer can pay you or is most jobs cash in hand

15-06-2013, 23:11
I don't think it would be likely that you could be paid directly into a UK account. Most employers will either pay you cash or into a Spanish bank account.
Banca March also have a branch in London, and you can make free transfers between Banca March here and BM in the UK. I expect other banks like Santander will have similar arangements.

16-06-2013, 01:28
As far as I'm aware wages must be paid into a local bank account. What happens to them afterwards is up to you.

I remember asking this of one of my ex employers, as we were both working and Carol's salary was paid direct to Solbank, and was told 'no'.

16-06-2013, 22:23
Thank you for your help