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17-06-2013, 20:28
Hi guys and gals, new to the forum and requiring some advice about moving to Tenerife from the UK.

Bit of background info first:
I attempted to live in Tenerife around 9 years ago with my family when i was still young and attending school. Sold up in the UK and moved with the ambition of being a self-employed family. My father, mother, 2 brothers, auntie and uncle all moved out there, me and my brother still at school age (im 21 now). After just 2 months my antie and uncle were homesick and decided to move home as they missed their grand children too much, which left us with no-where near the money to buy our own business, so as my parents still had two young kids to school, we moved back to UK.

Since then we have been back to Tenerife a few times on holiday to see how it has changed. We went as a family last week for holiday, but after returning home, we found our love for the island again and now we are older would like to attempt moving out there, again.

Now, my brother (23) and his fiancÚ (21) (who may i add popped the question while holidaying in Tenerife last week) are quite happy trying to find an office based job, if possible.

On the other hand, me (21) and my girlfriend (21) would like to try something different. We both love photography, both have high quality dSLR's and lens'. i self taught everything i know, while my girlfriend attended university for a degree in photography, which she passed.

I also love to dance, i'm a very capable and different street dance/breakdancer, and would love to do performances in larger bars or clubs for a small fee in the evenings (not as a main job, but a bit on the side).

What are the chances of getting work?
Baring in mind we are happy to sell our cars, and we live with parents so just pay rent, we don't own houses or mortgages.

Sorry for the essay but hopefully someone can offer some advice or help :)

Thanks in advance!

17-06-2013, 20:38
Don't do it...

17-06-2013, 20:47
Don't do it...

May i ask why?

17-06-2013, 22:52
The employment market is in a worse state than the property market - they're pretty much both in the toilet... It's harder to make money in Tenerife - people with good jobs in the UK who give them up for a life in the sunshine are now queuing up for their one way ticket home to the UK.. If you've enough money to keep you going for 6-12 months without you needing to rely on work, then feel free to give it a shot but I strongly recommend that you don't cut your ties with the UK!