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08-07-2013, 15:54
When you go to apply for an NIE what exactly do you need to take with you, and how long does the process take?

Also does anyone know if it's absolutely neccessary to have an NIE to take out a long term rental of a house? I was told by a long-term car leasing company that a passport is all I'll need to lease a car long term. Is it the same for a long term house rental - or would an NIE be essential?

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08-07-2013, 18:59
If you are on a long holiday (less than 6 months) and not earning money in Tenerife then as far as I am aware you don't need an NIE. An NIE is a no. that identifies you to the tax authorities. If you are on Tenerife more than 6 months you are considered a resident and would need to register.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

08-07-2013, 20:06
Have a look here:http://www.diana-mcglone.com/#residencia
You need an NIE number to purchase a car/boat/house and often to lease a mooring, whether you are fiscally resident here or not.
Regards the rental agreement that really depends on whether the Landlord is putting it "through the books" or not, but if he is you will need the NIE number.

The NIE number stays with you for life what changes is the size and colour of the piece of paper the number is printed on.
Currently demand is light at the Comisaría in Las Américas if you get there when, or soon after, they open you are normally out again in less than an hour. In my experience the later you arrive then the process takes exponentially longer. See the link above for exact requirements. If you are going it alone you will need two trips one to pick up the info pack and the second to actually obtain the NIE after you have paid the government fee (tasa) in any bank. (the paying in slip is carbonised and can not be downloaded the application form can. There is also a sticky thread on the forum about this.

16-07-2013, 20:19
Great. Thanks very much for your help with that. Fingerscrossed it will go smoothly...