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01-08-2013, 18:44
After having a clearout of a cupboard, we decided to get rid of some items of gold jewelry. Not having any idea as to the value, we went to one of the many "We buy Your Gold" shops that are everywhere nowadays. The gold was tested and weighed... 9,14 & 18 karat. The person behind the screen gave us a price of 43 for all the gold. OK, we left and intended to get a second valuation.. never take the first offer. Passing a normal jewellers shop, we stopped and went in. Asked for a test and valuation. The shop was not interested in purchasing, but tested and weighed (for free) the gold. The valuation given was completely different. The 9 to 14k gold 175 and the 18k 411 at spot gold, or scrap gold prices.
Anybody planning on selling jewelry etc. Please beware of the "Compra Oro" shops. Some jewellers will give you a proper price without wanting to buy. Or look up the price of gold yourself via websites Goldcalc.com or goldprice.org and have it tested and weighed. Keep the money in your pocket, as I'm sure the other shops are really making money, offering poor prices to the general public. Don't be caught out!!

01-08-2013, 22:44
These "cash for gold" shops are a complete disgrace. You can post gold to an address and receive money to their value in return...... Fantastic for professional thieves and burglars. Fence your swag, no questions asked. My parents had their house turned over, left silver, laptop, TV and only took gold. Police said gold theft has now reached epidemic proportions...... They are despicable.

01-08-2013, 23:09
The "cash for gold" shops normally require ID when you sell your gold.. Your DNI or Passport. But its easy money for burglars. They dont know the gold is stolen, and its cant be proved, and its a good profit for the gold shops. There are so many of these shops already. Just dont want the honest people taking there gold to these shops and being ripped off. Try to sell privately or use Ebay. You'll make more money!

04-08-2013, 11:40
Over here in the UK we are getting around 12 per gramme

04-08-2013, 12:01
Over here in the UK we are getting around 12 per gramme

Todays value for 1gram 18k gold is 20.70 so I suppose 12 is not too bad.Better than the prices over here.
(And 10.32 for 1gram 9k gold).