View Full Version : Employment Bumper wine harvest helps unemployment

21-08-2013, 08:52
Vineyards in the archipelago are the first to be harvested in Spain, and this year they are forecasting a large crop.

Five of the six big wine producers predict bigger volumes than in 2012.

Together, Canary Island vineyards are reportedly predicting a crop of about six million kilos, up by a third from last year and the bumper wine grape harvest is luring some workers from the unemployment queues to the vineyards.

With un-employment in the islands at over 30% there are few other job prospects on the horizen.

Domingo Martin Cruz, head of Bodegas Marba vineyard based in Tejina, Tenerife, said some locals were taking places normally filled by immigrants during the harvest.

“This year there are already fewer immigrants in the fields. Local people are taking up the habit again for financial reasons more than anything,” he said.
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