View Full Version : Will I be charged for cashing a cheque as a non customer in Tenerife?

22-08-2013, 00:30
Does anyone know if I will be charged for cashing a cheque in a bank where I do not have an account?

22-08-2013, 08:54
Do you mean you are going to the bank/branch of the person who issued the cheque? - if so no

22-08-2013, 10:44
Sadly, almost all the banks here are a joke. Security & money laundering are what they use to cover up incompetence & bad attitude.My experiences in trying to put cheques into my own account have been farcical as with many others in the group I was involved with. And even when they accept these they then take out an astronomical amount as a service charge.

So I would say 100 % sure you will be charged if of course you can find any bank who will do this for you. Agree you MAY have a slight chance at the issuers bank. But ask first what the charges will be.