View Full Version : Relocation We're wanting to move to Costa Del Silencio in April, 2014. Advice appreciated

Jane Allen
22-08-2013, 18:48
Hi we are looking to relocate April onwards next year 2014. We are also bringing our 4 year old dog. We are wanting to rent a 2 bedroomed apartment in Costa Del Silencio or surrounding area (long term) and are looking for a suitable resturant to rent.

Any advice on relocation will be welcomed as we don't know where to start!!!!

Many thanks in anticipation
Looking forward to chatting with you :wave:

23-08-2013, 10:37
I wonder if you already know the area of Silencio, if not I would strongly recommend you visit a few times before making such a big move.

Personally, I love Silencio, I've owned an apartment there for many years but have to admit it's not to everyone's liking. The whole area is usually very quiet as compared to Los Cristianos and PDLA but for me this is why I like it, it's near enough to visit these tourist areas, bus service is excellent if you don't have a car.

This could be very different for you though if you're planning to run a restaurant. There is a large number of ex-pats in Silencio, both residents and pensioners who come out for the winter.Hope not to upset anyone by saying neither of these groups are big spenders. Tourists with spending power tend to frequent the busier places previously mentioned.

Don't get me wrong, the bars and restaurants in Silencio and nearby Las Galletas are excellent value for money, probably better quality than many establishments in busier areas, but its the number of customers you have to get through the door could determine whether you're a success or not.

There are several excellent restaurants in Silencio who seem to do well, they've been established many years and have a strong local clientele.However, new bars/restaurants seem to struggle , I have seen more estbalishments open and close in a comparative short time than I could name, for this reason there are probably plenty premises available to rent.

On the plus side though apartments and business units are probably less expensive than the busier areas. If you are more looking for a lovely place to live and the restaurant would not be your main source of income then it would probably suit you.

If you trawl through the threads on this forum I'm sure you'll find lots of information and further advice. Hope I haven't sounded too negative and wish you luck with your plan:goodluck:

23-08-2013, 17:09
We live in Silencio and have done for most of our16 plus years here .We know the area well and would say that most British bars and restaurants are in general only frequented by the Brits.
To be successful you should have a good sound business idea and a business plan, as well as enough money behind you to tide you over for at least a year, this includes rent on an apartment, local, taxes, social insurance , opening licence , equipment ,etc( there is another thread somewhere asking for general cost involved).
It will not succeed if you are planning to do the same as all the others ie burger and chips etc it needs to be something different.
Starting a business from scratch is no easy task here , it's not as simple as the UK , beleive me I k ow as we have set up three since being here, two have been sold on and the third we still run.

make sure you do your homework thoroughly and as Candy says come over a few times and suss things out before you make a firm decision( unless of course you have already done that ) .
Good luck