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23-09-2013, 21:39
Hi guys my name is Sean and I'm new to the forum!
I'm 26 years old and I have been in hospitality for 8 years and have just finished my 5th summer season on the greek island, Zante. Upon returning to the UK I have now decided that there's some strange sense of freedom living abroad, a freedom that the UK can't offer me. So I have made an almost definite decision to move to sunnier climes and take the odd holiday in England.
But here's the issue...Greece only have a summer season, the winter is cold, wet and completely without work. I want to make a life where there's almost all year tourism, and after much research I think Tenerife is a strong candidate. But here's the thing...I'm not familiar with any of the systems over there, and speak no spanish (although I'm a fast learner).
Now I know it's almost impossible to secure a job without being there, much the same in Zante, I mean whose going to employ someone they've never met? So I was considering booking a 1 week holiday and trying to find work, but do I need to have completed so many permits and NIE etc before I even start? And are there English speaking professionals that can help me with this? Also how long does it take to get legal?
I am very experienced in every form of bar/club work. I am a competent DJ, 5 years experience of nightclub security, both in the UK and Greece, bartending (Greece so I know the tricks and cocktails etc), back bar and even management. I am extremely hardworking and an asset to any bar/club that employs me!
To set me aside from most season workers, I don't work abroad to get drunk and party, I work to live and am very responsible with money.
But realistically, what are my chances of finding year round work, or at least 9-10 months a year? And what seems to be the average salary for someone working in a club/bar there?
Also I am finding it hard to find long term accommodation across the web, are there plenty of studios/apartments empty over there? And what is the average rent (including bills). I am looking at somewhere in or even outside one of the southern resorts. I plan on buying a 125cc scooter (which I believe is ok on an English Full Car licence?). So I don't need to be in the centre of a resort.

Basically from your honest experience of living there, is it worth me trying? Or am I likely to be disappointed and using my return ticket? Any help is really appreciated. Thank You in advance

24-09-2013, 00:01
Welcome to the forum Sean! I can't help you with info on jobs etc, but maybe this gentle 'bump' might put your thread at the top of the list and get you more views and more replies! I DO know that jobs are scarce at the moment.. Good luck!


24-09-2013, 04:33
Hi Sean,
There's a facebook group called Tenerife English Jobs. There's a lot of junk there but every now and then something interesting is posted. https://www.facebook.com/groups/419199598131313/
Good luck!

30-09-2013, 23:38
Giasou Sean... I worked in Zante for 3 season between 1998 and 2001, before I came to Tenerife... pretty much for the same reasons you are thinking. I still have many mates in Zante who I keep in contact with on Facebook. It's a beautiful place. I lived in Kalamaki and worked as an entertainer in bars and restaurants around Kalamaki, Laganas and Tsilivi.

Your chances of finding work here during a crisis are not great, but you can always give it a go for winter, and if it doesn't work out... back to Zante for summer. :)