View Full Version : Intensive Spanish courses needed in South Tenerife

01-10-2013, 19:01
Hi, can anyone recommend a good intense Spanish course / tutor, in south tenerife..

01-10-2013, 19:41
We use Caroline of CKCTenerife who have offices in Callao Salvaje and GDS. She is brilliant.
Their website is here (http://www.ckctenerife.com/)

01-10-2013, 21:00
talking about the spanish language, i have started saying silly phrases to my 2 year old great nephew and he is pronouncing them better than his english words:laugh:, it is so funny to here him say "hola chikos" and "dos cerveza " it is driving his mom and dad round the bend:laugh:

02-10-2013, 13:42
getting your beers in doubles now ey :idea:M8?:whistle:

03-10-2013, 09:30
Hi, can anyone recommend a good intense Spanish course / tutor, in south tenerife..
Our academy gives Spanish classes. Contact Muriel after 5pm on our landline, or call her mobile directly. The contact details are on our website, www.islaidiomas.com. We are based in Playa San Juan.

Gareth Clough
09-10-2013, 21:37
I've done a course with Spanish Code on avenida suecia in los cristianos. The tutors there are really good.

11-10-2013, 20:33
I recommend a brilliant new school just opened run by lovely Samantha Henderson in Medano. See her new website for details.

I like Medano. Great place full of cool places for coffee and super beach. No English bars or restaurants here thank God! All Spanish life is on the doorstep.

18-10-2013, 11:04
I Spanish Code still running. It doesn't have a running website anymore and they don't seem to respond to e-mails. Does anyone know?

Gareth Clough
18-10-2013, 11:19
Hi, I have lessons there a couple of times a week. Here's the link to their website.

I just have individual lessons there, but I'm trying to find a group at intermediate level. I'm halfway through level B1 at the moment. Seems to be loads for absolute beginners but not many for higher levels. So if any one out there has a recommendation let me know!