View Full Version : Relocation Yes, another relocation... at least temporarily

01-10-2013, 19:18
Hello folks!

I realise that you must get dozens of such threads per week and believe that, if people just read through the posts, there would be no need to repetitively answer the same damned sentences over and over.

I am just a little bit overwhelmed, at the moment! About me:

I am 18 years old, living in Germany since I was born and in my old high school, we have official bonds with the Proyecto Cultural Mariposa, which has its Germany headquarters in my home town.
By coincidence, wherein I do not believe, I came to have acquired an arrangement for placement in the premises, for six months approximately, starting mid-October.

I will be given accommodation and a monthly payment of 150,- € (which, for a German scale, is stupidly little).
Since I am a citizen of the EU, legal matters like freedom of movement and employment will be of no concern.

However, I am not sure what to expect in means of temperatures and appropriate clothing, as well as costliness of livelihood.

I will also be trying to improve my Spanish, but the courses are very expensive, thus remaining out of question.

Please hesitate not to direct me to other threads, or answer questions whereof I have not thought.

Greetings from Germany,

a Selçuk, down with influenza!