View Full Version : How can we close our Santander bank account now we are not in Tenerife?

05-11-2013, 20:11
after living in tenerife for 3 years with a santander bank account we had to move back to the uk urgently and were unable to close our account before leaving even though it was empty.we are now looking to return to tenerife but are a bit worried as to what charges or problems we might face on our return as we have not been back for about 8 months.any help and advice would be much appreciated

05-11-2013, 23:58
Best bet, imho, is to talk to them. Find a branch who has an English speaking manager and get his/her help. Sooner or later the problem has to be faced and the earlier you can deal with it the better. I know you,ll say, "well its ok for him but its not so simple". Well yes it is so simple. It will not go away itself and anyway you might just get a pleasant surprise!