View Full Version : Should children start school at age 2 in the UK?

13-11-2013, 00:31
I have just been reading this on the BBC website about government proposals to reduce the school starting age to 2 years


Do you think this is a good or bad thing?

Here in Tenerife the official starting age is 3 years and depending on the birthdate of the child, it is possible that they can start school at 2. My youngest daughter did.

Personally, I think that as long as the teaching methods are tailored to young children including lots of learning by play and shorter school hours, then a child can benefit enormously from starting school early. I have children from as young as 2 in my private English classes and they are fine. In fact, they should start teaching languages in the uk from age 2 too...

13-11-2013, 00:43
Never to young. The problem is the care -nappies, dummies etc. I firmly believe that the ealier your brain is stuffed with basic education the better.
Problems come when the use of basic education is linked with brainwash.
Happens all over the world, unfortunately.

13-11-2013, 00:47
I think it's a good idea and one I would embrace. At this young age the can learn so much interacting with other kiddies and learning discipline from the teacher.
And learning another language would just come natural.

13-11-2013, 20:45
I have two Grandchildren who started at 3, having a few Hours Daily.

This Year fulltime and coping.

My problem is that I believe a lot expect Teachers to help bring Them up.

It's Parents responsibility to teach them the facts of Life, not the Teachers.

I feel sad that Children are on a convenient Production Line and THEIR Needs are not
always met.

I also have reservations whether Their Achievements are in line with the Curriculum.

Some will thrive, others wont, but as Mum and Dad have to work, who Loses..?

I do believe that Yes, learning another Language is a good thing from Two if Possible..