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13-11-2013, 13:49
I run the weekly quiz in our village pub and have amassed over 10,000 quiz questions (some I have published in a book). I am available from 7th Dec to 16th January to run a quiz in bars in Los Cristianos. The quiz is based on a 25 number quiz/bingo type board - similar to Quizgo - but with all the numbers. Punters simply have to get a single line - top to bottom, side to side etc to win. In the event there are two winners I have a tie break question.
Any bars interested in doing something a little different send me a message.
I provide the questions, ask the questions and the quiz/bingo sheets. Bars sell the sheets and provide the prizes.
In the village we charge each player 1.50 and they win a bottle of wine plus 3.
Those figures just for guidance.
I also have several copies of the quiz book, including picture quiz if you prefer to run your own.