View Full Version : How do you register with the Ministerio de Hacienda?

17-11-2013, 22:41
where do you register your NIE and certificate de empadronamiento with the ministerio de hacienda in Tenerife

17-11-2013, 22:42
Why do you have to register ?

17-11-2013, 22:49
To have my stuff cleared through customs when it is shipped out

17-11-2013, 22:56
contact forum member Goldenmaniac

18-11-2013, 08:48
If you speak a little Spanish you go to the Hacienda office in PDLA next to the Hospiten hospital and take your papers with you
If not 9plus probably has the best answer

18-11-2013, 16:45
You need to fill out a modelo 30 form to make your NIE "Live" and get "etiquetas", bar code labels that can be used on the customs documents, as a minimum you will need an NIE and a certifcate of empadronamiento, to get your stuff through customs, you may also already have a certificate of residencia or be going to get one at a later date once you have been here 90 days. The Agencia Tributaria (Hacienda for short) is in the building with flags flying on the other side of the road from the entrance to the Green Hospital. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151774911715795&set=pb.63756075794.-2207520000.1384789587.&type=3&theater

18-11-2013, 17:01
Thanks the info Is very helpful