View Full Version : Tax Help needed setting up my IBI payments through Banca March Online

18-11-2013, 19:42

I note from my online bank account with Banca March that I may pay my San Miguel De Abona rubbish and IBI on line direct from my account.

I have found the forms and they seem fairly easy to complete. The only one thing I am unsure of is that there are 3 options (Types)

Type 1 and Type 2 Look the same and Type 3 seems has columns for tax. I would be grateful if someone, who banks with the above, could advise which type I should use, any guidance for completion, and the difference between the the various types.

Also please could anyone advise when the direct debits are usually claimed for the above Ayto.


18-11-2013, 19:53
The rubbish comes out June and Dec, the IBI comes out the beginning of July.

I'm sorry but I do not know about the forms, we went to the council offices in San Miguel and they filled them in and we just signed!