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28-11-2013, 13:33
Hi Guys,
relocating to Tenerife, Amerilla Golf a strong contender, however neither of us speak Spanish, we are a retired couple I like to play golf, my wife enjoys walking the dog. Is there a good expat community in this area and what are the general services and facilities like such as supermarkets, doctors surgery etc and whats the wi-fi and mobile phone reception like? Thanks to everyone who has suggested that I start this thread any advice would be most welcome.


28-11-2013, 14:02
From what I hear it shud be up ur street. :)

Tom & Sharon
28-11-2013, 15:23
We're in Amarilla Golf.

It is perfect for golf (obviously) and walking the dog. We have lost our dog now, but there are some lovely walks.

There is Pebble Beach supermarket which is very well stocked with English products, and for "big shops" you've got Iceland, Mercadona, Hiperdino and Lidl all nearby at Las Chafiras. There is a small Hiperdino at San Blas as well which is handy, cos unlike a lot of shops it's open 365 days a year until 10 at night.

We're not entitled to use state health care, but if we need a doctor or Farmacia there is Excellent Medical Centre -
There is a state doctors in Las Chafiras.

There is a good ex-pat community. Most people are British on the Golf, although our community is fairly mixed. We have British, Spanish, French, Italians, Russian and Chinese. They're all professionals though, and all converse in English.

We have excellent telecommunications and British TV.

Have you been to the area before, or are you just beginning to suss it out? Have you looked at any particular properties?

One thing I will say, is do your research on here first. Ask all your questions. Are you intending buying or renting? Don't just walk blindly into an estate agents office on the Golf to ask your questions. You won't be able to rely on the answers!

28-11-2013, 15:25
Amarilla Golf should be fine. Big expat community, you won't need Spanish to get by. Plenty of bars, restaurants etc in Amarilla and Golf del Sur.
I've never had a problem with phone signals. Various places have wifi or you can have Internet installed.

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And there's a free bar at "Tom and Shazzas" which is well worth a visit :)

28-11-2013, 15:40
Thanks Tom and Sharon,
I have looked at a couple of properties on the complex and we are coming over in December for 10 days to look at various properties in different areas between GDS and los Gigantes. We are looking to purchase a property but would be prepared to rent for a while to make sure that the area was what we wanted.

Tom & Sharon
28-11-2013, 15:48
And there's a free bar at "Tom and Shazzas" which is well worth a visit :)

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29-11-2013, 18:47
Friends of ours have just relocated there. Most things are fine, they like it.
The low flying aircraft put me off but they say you get used to it.

29-11-2013, 18:49
The planes are lower in Golf del Sur and San Blas!

29-11-2013, 18:57
The planes are lower in Golf del Sur and San Blas!
Yes they are!!!

My god and when they get to the Airport they are nearly touching the ground!!

29-11-2013, 19:18
ha ha ha lucky you are funny