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ali marshall
30-05-2011, 20:00
Hi i am looking for a cheap pushchair,i only really need this as we going on a 2 week holiday and need a smaller puschair to fit in the boot of the car with the luggage of 5 lol.I already have 2 but am looking for a umbrella fold style one,where the seat reclines.I already have 1 light weight pushchair but the seat does not go back,and my other puschair is quite large.If anyone has this style puschair and it is clean condition,please pm me.

30-05-2011, 20:28
Just a thought ...................would it not be as cheap/cheaper to hire one ?

ali marshall
30-05-2011, 21:16
They usually around 5 euro a day to hire and they only cost 60 in the baby shop in los cristianos,so not cheap to hire really,if i am there for 2 weeks.I would proberbly get rid of my small puschair anyway if i can get one the same with a reclining seat.

30-05-2011, 21:17
There's usually loads at Guaza car boot Ali.

30-05-2011, 21:20
Ok ,just wondered ...................plus it keeps it on the first page ,you know what some lazy members are:eyebrows::eyebrows:

30-05-2011, 22:02
I got one in the Live Arico Charity Shop San Eugenio, 10 euros, its a Maclaren, it folds down umberella style and reclines, its grey and blue, i have given it a bath so its clean haha, i shall try and post a photo, but it takes me AGES as i hate computery thingys x

30-05-2011, 22:26
ok i couldnt figure out how to put a photo on a PM so here is the pushchair x

I think !!!!

ali marshall
01-06-2011, 19:27
Thread can be closed now i have bought a puschair thanks to walkerj3.

01-06-2011, 19:29
Thanks. Thread closed