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01-01-2014, 22:36
Hello, I am new to this forum so my apologies if what I am going to ask has already been discussed here before.

Me and my husband love Tenerife and always wanted to live there. Since we had our son, 9 months ago we feel even stronger about moving as don't want our son to grow up in Scotland, for many reasons.

I am Czech, my husband is British, we are both fluent in English and I can also speak Czech, Slovak and little Polish. We can speak and understand Spanish but we are not fluent.

At the moment I work as Cabin Crew/Flight attendant, before I was manager. I have Business degree and two modules of Spanish. My husband works in factory as machine operator (packing/thermoplastics) , has some Highers and also two university modules in Spanish.

Do you think we have any chance to get jobs in Tenerife? We would take anything? What is the pay like and how much would we need for rent and bills?

Thank you for any advice.

01-01-2014, 23:38
Have ago read through some of the posts here,been covered many times....


02-01-2014, 15:25
Shame you don't speak Russian as that seems to be the language of the moment.
Without Spanish good jobs are hard to come by but everything is possible. Try and learn more Spanish and save up. Please with a small child don't just come with no plan and no money

03-01-2014, 12:59
At the moment I work as Cabin Crew/Flight attendant

Are there airlines that will employ cabin crew who are based in Tenerife?

03-01-2014, 17:45
Are there airlines that will employ cabin crew who are based in Tenerife?

Of course, Binter Canarias is one, I flew with them yesterday, from Gran Canaria to El Hierro


03-01-2014, 18:04
Are there airlines that will employ cabin crew who are based in Tenerife?

Yes, Binter Canarias

03-01-2014, 18:22
Hello, thank you everyone for help, we wouldn't come to Tenerife unless one of us had a job. I would love to stay working as cabin crew but as I said before I would take anything. Ribuck thank you for the post and Hepa thank you for your reply. I am going to look at Binter Canarias website. Aldo does anyone know what is the company who employes ground staff, check in, dispatchers,...etc called? Either South or North Airport, will have a look at their websites but in case someone knows. Thank you.

03-01-2014, 19:52
The company which runs the airports is called AENA and here is a page of their website (http://www.aena-aeropuertos.es/csee/Satellite/telefono-contacto-aena-aeropuertos/en/Aena-Aeropuertos-Information-and-Contact-telephone-number.html) where you can contact both Tenerife North and Tenerife South airports.

Here's an email link where you can apply for a job with Aena


Good Luck.

06-01-2014, 17:53
Hello guys, thank you so much for your advice. Are there any employment agencies in Tenerife like in the UK? Thank you

10-01-2014, 16:58
Ryanair had a plane base here but not sure if they still do

14-01-2014, 00:51
Ryanair had a plane base here but not sure if they still do

Pretty sure they still do base aircraft at Tenerife South. Think Lesma Handling are their ground agent.

17-01-2014, 11:59
Thank you. Ryanair are not very good company to work for. YOu have to pay approx 2000 for the training. They promise you the base you have chosen but after the training place you somewhere else. They also like to transfer their crew every 6 months. Or this is the info I got from some of the girls who used to work for them. But if I will be desperate and there will be nothing else I may try it. I will defo look at the Lesma company. Thank you. Guys. So far I have conctacted Aena and Bintair Canarias but they have no jobs available at the moment :-(